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A little bit of Kindness goes a long way. That’s the message we tell our kids. That’s the motto we live by. And that’s the reason why we started Kindness Pack.

Kindness Pack is our newest business baby, established in February 2021. After creating several successful businesses, we knew our next venture had to be a social enterprise so we could give back.

In our other main business, Friendie Audio, we have worked really hard to improve our environmental focus. One of our aims was to move to environmental packaging, and we started researching compostable postage mailers. We couldn’t find exactly what we wanted, so we decided to create our own. We teamed up with the world’s best manufacturer of environmental products to develop the product.

We also knew we wanted to create a product with a focus on making a difference. Not only were we aiming to create home compostable, certified postage satchels, but we wanted to give a percentage of profits to Australian charities. In this way, we knew we could be kind to humans, animals and the earth, and spread a little kindness.

We have started with two products, but we can create any size needed, with custom design for a custom order. We have so many more ideas and concepts to come- watch this space!


Jane and Phil Sahhar, founders of Kindness Pack Pty Ltd

The founders and directors of Kindness Pack are Jane and Phil Sahhar. This husband and wife duo are serial entrepreneurs, with a history of businesses under their helm. Currently, they direct Kindness Pack and athletic audio company, Friendie Audio. They have been married since 2009 and have two beautiful kids and one very needy cat, Louie. They run their businesses from their hometown of Warragul, in Regional Victoria. Jane loves cats, dogs, puppies, owls, lambs, birds, koalas…all the animals! Phil doesn’t have the same extreme love for animals, yet much to Jane’s frustration, the family cat only has eyes for him! They both love music, surfing, chocolate, the beach, friends, gym, good food, running, great coffee, travelling and creating memories with their family. Before working on their businesses full time, Phil was working in finance and marketing, and Jane was an English teacher in Melbourne. Moving home to Warragul and establishing a life here has been the greatest decision, and they love the community feeling of living and working in the country. Scarily achieving almost the same results on personality tests, Jane and Phil are both extroverts and love making friends and new connections and living the happiest, healthiest life they can.


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"In a world where you can be anything,

choose to be kind."