Our Postage Satchels are almost 100% home compostable. 


Our home compostable Kindness Pack postage satchels are created by the world's leading biodegradable manufacturer. We take great pride in sourcing and finding the best environmental packaging so you don't have to. 

The satchels are made of home compostable, biodegradable material (like corn or plant fibers) and we choose to use plant-based ink to print on the packaging.

We are always working on improving out environmental aims so we can leave behind a healthy footprint and legacy for future generations. We haven't yet found an amazing plant-based glue to seal the packages- so this is the bit that is not compostable. We promise, it's going to happen- we are aiming for 100% home compostability! For now, so we can keep your parcels safe and watertight, please cut off the strip of glue and place it in your rubbish bin, before composting the rest of the pack.

How to give kindness to your garden:

1. Cut off any glued/sticky parts from parcel, like the postage label or stickers from postage; these cannot be composted. But know that they did good in getting your parcel to you from potentially hundreds or thousands of kilometers away. 

2. Put the rest of the satchel in the compost bin with some dirt. Job done! Handy tip: if you want it to break down faster, and be extra environmentally friendly, cut your satchel up into strips. Voila!